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Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

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Written By: Joko Andy*
Every thing to day are going to be progress and perfect, the revolution in each sector of life such as science, technology, industrial, transportation and means of communication and the world now seems to be in the climax degree or level. By the responding and progressing in many sector of life, there is some word that is usually used to be motto and trend of scientist to survive and suit life with the era that is “Shifting Paradigm” it caused because of globalization in every thing which is full of modernity that forced us to reconstruct our paradigm to survive our life in this globalization era.

Globalization means modernization is a universal cause. Globalization is the process to the animate source to be inanimate source, the responding and developing in each sectors of life, especially in telecommunication and transportation. Globalization made or caused some one to see his self not only as the one of citizen of nation, but as the one of the citizen of the world. He didn’t regard that the value of his village right any more, now he compare that value with the values from the other nation they have studied before. Even in working, he didn’t see the regional of his nation to be the place for looking for daily needs or the basic necessities of life. But he makes wide and spread out the view or vision to the world level or degree only in searching the basic necessities of life.
Concerning with this problem, Marion J. Levy said, “The patterns of the relatively modernized societies, once developed, have shown a universal tendency to penetrate any social context whose participants have come in contact with them. The patterns always penetrate; once the penetration has begun, the previous indigenous pattern always change; and they always change in the direction on some of the patterns of the relatively modernized society”.

Globalization means western civilization that dominates the world. It means that our economic, political, social, life style and culture strongly influenced by the west, without its legacy and achievements, life is impossible for Moslem. We see the effects of west in every where, in every step of ours. The design and management of the country we live in, communications technologies and many others which we use in the daily basic needs are western’s creation or made in west or Europe.
This globalization especially brought the benefit or positive and negative effect for the importance of our nation and religion. For instance, we could get a lot of information easily from out of area, until we can get the new alternative and effort to solve and overcome our matters, this is the positive effect of globalization. But in other side, there is a negative effect of globalization, there are a lot of useless information which come to our life and broke our behavior and attitude. Such as, dishonest culture that is brought by the holy wood film, each porn pictures and films from internet, television, magazine, VCD and other means of communication. In economical side, there is free trade and many others of crimes which is caused by globalization.
Violence and sex shown on internet, television, magazine, VCD other means of communication result in higher rate of crimes and encourages antisocial behavior. This is especially evident in the USA and other western countries. Many criminals confess that their violent actions or attitudes to women were encouraged by television. The rate of such crimes is constantly growing and more and more often they are committed by teenagers. This is becoming a great problem of modern society.
Globalization shows westernization in life style. Do you know the beauty contest? We can watch on TV if we want to know what and how the beauty contest is. Beauty contest is popular in parts of the world. The biggest, the miss world competition, has been running annually since 1951, and although it is less popular in the UK now it was in 1968, when it attracts 27.5 million TV viewers, it attracts an enormous worldwide audience-around 3 billion viewers in 115 countries.
There are beauty contest for various categories of age, sex and sexuality. This topic focuses on adult women’s beauty contest as overwhelmingly the most popular and high profile version. Note that there are difficult technical issues abut running this debate, it probably works best as a values debate n whether beauty contests are a good thing or not, but this kind of comparison motion is frowned upon in some policy-based debating circles.
Now days, if we see our society this time, we will not see but sinfulness, do not feel but bitterness of life, so many cruel eyes crave immorality, so many tongues of advisors talk about morality while their acts are certainly immoral. Is the Moslem condition similar to that? Is it true condition of the faithful man? Is it true condition of the youth who are proud of the Quran? Is it true condition of the next generation who consider the messenger as their model? No! The condition of the next Moslem generation is not parallel to that. They are not like that and never like that, we are prohibited to have faulty character, we are prohibited to have low moral value, we are also prohibited to imitate the disastrous western ways of life.
Westernization occurs because of globalization, the west forced countries to be like them in every sector of life, it is the meaning of westernization. The west will influence their life style countries in the world, until we could not deny and refuse the wave of westernization because of globalization, because it means that we will live in the last or we will be leaved behind. Now and then, we have to be ready to live in this globalization, we must reconstruct our paradigm in order we can live and survive in this era and the west can not destroy our civilization.
If we look at Islamic problem in this world present, we can restrain our drops of tear because those troubles befall on Islamic world. Ur young generation have been influenced by westernization, all they know is only about the latest music, new comer actress, games, sport, and some thing like that in the name of modernization. They never care about their religion establishing and what was done with it. We have not got any choices just take case with them and give our hands to solve their troubles and persist to pray to Allah, may Allah will help and return back the Islamic victory up to Islam will exist on the world forever.
Actually, there is one reason why Islam in the destruction, because we did not want to reconstruct our paradigm to suit the era as we live in the past and also Islamic world is divided into many societies of nation spread all over the world, up to Islamic enemies destroy our civilization easily. If it happens in Islamic world, who is to blame ? We can blame them but we must correct our self, perhaps a lot of Moslems have been destroying Allah’s obligation. We keep our self, our family, from mistakes because if we want to build an Islamic government we must begin from our self than our families and our societies. But we have to remember that the fate of Islamic modern is concerned as far as the skill of Moslem in responding demands and changes of history in this era exactly.
At 21st century, the traditional era which faced by every people is the repercussion of modernization process all over the world. The process is an interrelated whit dramatic life context which relatives to find a big capability that adjust with new situation and innovation. This event has high realization, according family structure which contains about freedom, privacy and can find connection with another people, this not only for authority and fidelity but also for comradeship and good participation. This also demanded societies which have some feelings in it to get endorsement and it can reach what they want.
Ignoring and refusing the globalization as the natural process or throwing away all negative effects of globalization is impossible to do. Like or dislike, agree or disagree, ready or unready, we have to face this reality of globalization that came into our life and receive all its effects, even negative or positive effect of it. So that way, the importance thing that would be our challenge as Moslem which we have to face is how to utilize as good or maximal as possible the benefits or positive effects and minimize as little as possible negative effects of globalization.
By this globalization, as Moslem society we have to strengthen our faith and belief to our God. We have to face changes of era like now days, the era which is full of machine and high technology that perhaps spoil and baby us in our works. But we have to make this facility to be way of us in developing our skill for the sake of our religion, nation, community and many people or we will be late and do not forget that Islam is our way of life and our guide to understand our true self and shape our destiny. Because Religion is one of human being way to find a purpose of life and this world will be the surrounding, but most of human being in this modern era is difficult to believe in their own religion, because they have different opinion about their religion such as charging form in correctional facility.
Globalization is the big challenge especially for Islamic doctrine, one of them is our society will get influenced to the west culture or the bad culture which is in contradiction with the Islamic law and vision. Western culture spread out all over the world by the internet and television or TV. Now days, television plays a significant role, not only in social and political life, acting as a tool for spreading information and forming people’s mentality., but also in the every day life of individuals as a source of entertainment. It affects our mind and plays a role in shaping social changes. It is argued that this may be harmful as television shows more and more sex and violence, sacrifices the quality of the programs for the sake of commercial benefit and takes away the biggest part of our free time. On the other hand, is impossible to imagine the life of modern society without television, especially keeping in mind the crucial importance of spreading information around the globe.
Last but not least, I would like to invite you all to take the important meaning and start to do the best to be the best and give the best, lets prepare our self as good as possible and prove that we are vey ready to face the world. Do you remember that life we live in this world is a simply part of a greater journey but which is important we have to do is how to handle life changes and life events. Event though, we know that making change can be one of the hardest thing we have to do, we can give hand to your self if we want to make changes if we understand our reaction to change before we embark on the life its self, its a lot of work to do. Finally, the personality needs some worlds sigh for next period. That also can give positive thinking for improving life condition in this world and can restrain some annoyances for human being.
Once more, I’d like to remind you all and all of Moslem brothers where ever they are to wake up and realize that we have big responsibility and we can’t do our responsibility without being one. So to solve this problem, we have to unite our power and intention, because united we stand, divided we fall. God only knows.
*The Chief of DKPMI, 4th Semester
From Lubuk Linggau Palembang Sum-Sel
Ignoring the globalization as the natural process and throwing away all negative effects of it is impossible to do. Which is important is how to utilize as maximal as possible the positive effect and minimize as little as possible the negative effect of it.
Westernization Is Introduction to Destruction

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