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Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

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Written by: Izzatul Masy’unah*

Islam is the last religion which has permanently changed the history of the world. It doctrines retain the elements of Allah previous revelations and oblige Moslems to believe in Allah’s prophet and messengers to order revealed religions. This major difference between Islam and other religions whose believers are obliged to believe exclusively their own prophet and doctrines.

Islam is not religion which should be accepted to obtain happiness. Islam is revelation which constitutes reliable bases of conduct for man kind. Because the doctrines are in accordance with human need and not contradictory to human nature. Accordingly, Islam is concerned not only here after but also the demons of daily life. In addition to teach duties toward God such as praying, thinking and fasting. Islam requires believers to deal justly in social interaction among people. Islam has the aim of integrating every aspect of life, making each aspect whole and significant and only religion can provide such integration and significance.
Two points out that Moslems must aware of: the proper relationship between humankind and God and between humankind and universe. The consciousness that man has been created by Allah the Almighty the most merciful, the most righteous, instinct in the believer the desire to reflect Allah’s attributes in him self. For that reason praying, fasting, thinking and othe spiritual disciplines are designed for body, mental and spiritual training.
The history of Islam has known many great philosophers and scholars dedicated to the study of Islam. Their works have greatly influenced the development of Muslim in the world. Their unity of basic principles not always reflected in the area of detailed prosecution, rules and law. The most influenced school of thought in the field of Islamic law is based on the teaching of four great Imam (leader/spiritual teachers): Syafi’I, Maliki, Hanafi and Hambali. The differences need not concern us Today except Islam can accommodate great diversity of philosophy on it’s foundation of unity in principle.
As another example, Moslems are usually classified as traditionalists are generally reluctant to accept new ideas from the west. A traditional educational system stresses the teaching of religious subjects and the scholar subjects doesn’t associated with the west. Modernists or reformists are generally has an innovation and willing to adopt the western educational system with adaptation to Islamic doctrines. Good Moslems can be associated with their position.
One thing which human kind’s mission toward the universe is to acknoledge, it’s not deal with it as an illusion or avoid it. We have duty to think and work for interest of human kind it self. It is also our duty to make tame comfortable the seemingly wild and terrible universe. In other words, we have the obligation to civilize the universe. By doing it we can increase our living standard and devotion to God. To know the benefits of the universe we need to explore and investigate it. The obligation to equip one self with knowledge, skill and intelligence is not only a duty to ones fellow creatures but a duty to God. According to Islam, human life should be directed by guidance from God, because the main sources of Islamic percepts are the holy Qur’an and Hadist, these two sources have become the compass for Moslems. Islamic teaching takes on new life in new social contexts as they meet the living reality of the country where Islam develops.
The holy Qur’an and Hadist teach a respect for the human mind. Our responsibility is only useour intelligence to attain our needs but it useour intelligence properly, in harmony with Allah’s way. A Muslim should properly consider tobe beneficial to himself and society around him, if he is successful, he will create a proper balance between physical and spiritual needs. One Hadith from Prophet Muhammad tell us “religion is logic, no religion for those without logic” so Islam is the only religion that makes the power of thinking the yard stick for truth. In caseof conflict, when the reason can’t be longer distinguis between good and bad. A Moslem can use his logic that will really accept the guidance given by religion. From this conflict, god’s revelation will serve as restraint to avoid of further deviation with independent judgment (Ijtihad), Moslem have tried to overcome the problems with a progress and development which are the products of man’s mind.
Islam also places an obligation on believers to accrue knowledge. This concept is related to the believer’s responsibility to understand this seemingly wild and terrible universe, through know ledge to make it tame and comfortable for human kind. This goal can be achieved only after we have understood the purposes and benefits of the elements found in the universe. As the Hadist state: “to acquire knowledge is an obligation of every Moslem, man and women” the prophet Mohammad has also proclaimed that as acquiring knowledge can not be limited by time and place: “Pursue knowledge from the cradle to the grave. Pursue knowledge even to China”.
A Moslem should be equally prepared for life in this world and hereafter, a concept reinforced in the Hadist: “ work for your worriedly life as thought you lived forever and for hereafter as thought you died tomorrow” this concept has encouraged Moslems to think the ways that can improve their daily conditions for their happiness both today and hereafter. For all Moslems it is, the best way to perform good deeds and Ijtihad (independent judgment).
The Islamic teaching that deal with the vertical relationship between the creator and the created have inspired Moslems to create effective systems and organizations which individuals for their duties in accordance with their respective abilities. This is a process that abugetes and individual to the value planning. Organization and efficiency In the mater of teachings that deal with horizontal relationship between individuals, Islam demands that each Moslem must pay attention to the application of religious guidance in such a relationship. An orientation will strengthen the unity and fraternity the happiness of mankind. No area of life’s activity is left untouched by Islamic teachings.
Islamic teaching are comprehensive, Islam should be no place for proverty, ignorance, backwardness and fanaticism. On the contrary Islam gives affective answer to challenge the modern world based in concepts which can make this life more meaning full without disregarding the reality of moral and spiritual aspects of human personality. Moslems must develop the social aspects of Islamic values, so that Islam will remain a vital element in the reality of national life in each country where it develops.
*Student of Second Semester
From Jember East Java

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